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PFP Is Typically Applied In Dry Film Thicknesses From 5-20 Mm/200-800 Mil, Depending On The Massivity

Anti Corrosion Coating

OILTECH OIL AND GAS SERVICES LLC. Is A Leading Provider Of Onshore And Offshore Surface Preparation, Surf...

Cable Coating Application

Oil Tech carryout fire protection services of electrical cables with either intumescent or ablative coating. The intumescent cable coating expands during a fire, hereby insulating and shielding the cable from fire damage.

Scaffolding & Formwork

We Supply High Quality Products Conforming To Stringent International Standards Of Safety And Quality...


OIL TECH OIL AND GAS SERVICES LLC is the leading provider of thermal Insulation solutions...

GRE Lining

GRE Systems Are Made From Glass Fibers, Which Are Impregnated With Epoxy Resin.

Pipeline Wrapping

Cold Tape Wrapping Is A Long-Term Corrosion Control And Is The Essential Economic Factor Of A Selected...

Refractory Works

We Have Several Years Of Experience In Supply And Application Of Refractory/Heat Insulation Systems. We A...