Largest Passive Fireproofing Applicator Worldwide - Achieved more than 500,000 m2

Fire Proof Coating By Intumescent Painting

Solvent free epoxy Intumescent coating for hydrocarbon pool and jet fires.

  • On top of Insulation, application of PFP by Intumescent Painting
  • Color: any
  • Recommended dry film thickness 1-7 mm to cracking for enhanced performance;
  • in particular for cryogenic and explosion overpressure conditions.
  • Highly durable and long lasting protection.
  • Excellent resistance to chemical splash and spillage.


For reinforcement of material on decks, pins and washers may be used. In most cases glass fiber mesh or fabric mesh may be used instead of steel mesh for reinforcement. On top of insulation, application of PFP is done by Intumescent painting.

  • 238-2/66 – glass fiber mesh
  • 238-4/66 – glass fiber mesh
  • 238-5/66 – FM fabric mesh

Passive Fire Protection Applications

PFP is typically applied in dry film thicknesses from 5-20 mm/200-800 mil, depending on the massivity of the steel and the relevant approval certification. In a fire situation it forms an insulating, ceramic like layer of char, 5-6 times as thick as the Original coating.

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