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Cold Tape Wrapping For Long Term Corrosion Control At Oil Tech Oil and Gas Services UAE

Pipeline Wrapping

Cold tape wrapping is a long-term corrosion control which is an essential economic factor of a selected protective coating. Oil Tech Oil & Gas Services LLC has several years of experience in supply and application of cold tape wrapping.

Cold tape wrapping effectiveness is measured by the final or total cost of the applied corrosion protection system per square meter of steel surface protected per year. High quality steel surface preparation by dry abrasive blast cleaning methods is not always possible due to environmental grit and dust contamination as well as difficult in-situ application conditions.

Lower quality steel surface preparation methods can adversely affect surface profiles and leave deposits of rust, moisture and chlorides on the steel surface which shortens the effective service life duration of conventional protective coatings.

When applied to steel surfaces prepared to a low quality cleaning standard, cold tape wrapping systems provide optimum surface tolerant coating properties and are capable of providing totally effective corrosion protection for a longer duration than a conventional coating system applied to an abrasive blast cleaned surface.