GRE lining

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Glass Reinforced Epoxy GRE Lining To Offer Superior Corrosion Resistance For Oil And Gas Services In UAE

GRE lining

GRE systems are made from glass fibers, which are impregnated with epoxy resin. This epoxy resin system offers superior corrosion resistance together with excellent mechanical, physical and thermal properties.

The glass fiber reinforced epoxy lining is resistant to the corrosive effects of mixtures with low concentration of acids, neutral or nearly neutrals salts, solvents and caustic substances both under internal and external pressure.

A reinforced resin liner can protect the helical wound continuous glass fibers of the reinforced wall of the pipes and the structural reinforcement of the fittings internally.

    • Durability - Increase the lifespan
    • Seamless - No weak joins
    • Flexibility - Linings mixed to almost any specification
    • Corrosion - proof - chemical resistant
    • Applied to crude oil or water storage tanks
    • Protect tank walls and bottoms against corrosion
    • Great strength and excellent chemical resistance
    • Saving - no need to replace