Cable Coating

Oil Tech Oil and Gas Services LLC.

Oil Tech Employees Coating Electrical Cables For Insulation and Shielding From Fire Damages

Cable Coating

Oil Tech carryout fire protection services of electrical cables with either intumescent or ablative coating. The intumescent cable coating expands during a fire, hereby insulating and shielding the cable from fire damage. The ablative coating protects the cable by chemical and physical reactions that consumes large amounts of heat energy.

We provide quality work within challenging schedule requirements for coating application of electric and power cables.


  • Zero maintenance, no annual inspections, no service problems.
  • Saving the asset from flame spread.
  • Production or operation up and running as soon as possible after a fire.
  • Vital cables will function during a fire.
  • No replacement of cables, the coating sacrifices itself for the cable to survive.
  • Saving cost, saving lives.
  • Water soluble, odorless and solvent free.
  • Free of fibers and asbestos.
  • No derating effects on cables.
  • Rapid drying, remains flexible when dry.
  • Intumescent & Ablative material.
  • Highly resistant to corrosive environments, ultraviolet exposure, severe weather, impact and vibrations