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Oil Tech Topping The Business Headlines For Oil And Gas Services In UAE

OIL TECH OIL AND GAS SERVICES LLC is an Electro-Mechanical Contracting Company focusing on the Oil and Gas sector both onshore and offshore. Established in the UAE in 2008, we aim to bring state of the art and environment friendly technology and solutions at the doorsteps of our clients. With vast experience and exposure in the field and a growing number of professionals, Oil Tech continues to expand its services worldwide. Oil Tech is certified by ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.We undertake execution of Oil & Gas field services comprising of Fire Proof Coating, Blasting & Painting Services, Scaffolding, Thermal Insulation, Pipeline Wrapping and GRE Lining. Our Specialists are selected for their knowledge, experience and integrity. All of which are crucial in delivering quality service, objective, independent analysis and engineering.
Perfection in the quality of work and completion of the job entrusted to us is one of the special features of the company. We are driven by a desire to provide superior cost effective services, HSE and quality industrial solutions and are committed to using these resources to give the best services to meet the customer satisfaction of our clients.

Our Leadership Team

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Troy Rivette Oil Tech Oil and Gas Services In UAE

Troy Rivette

International Business Consultant

  • Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you’re climbing it. I’m responsible for the developing, monitoring and optimizing business processes and systems in line with the prevailing strategy for OIL TECH at the International Market.

Booho Hwang

Business Development Manager

  • Knowing all about our business services is very essential. However knowing everything about our competition as well will provide us with the leverage we need to surpass them. Business opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming. OLT has backed me up for the strategy approaches, developing the relations with the Clients, etc.
Booho Hwang Oil Tech Oil and Gas Services In UAE

Rajeesh Kodath Oil Tech Oil and Gas Services In UAE

Rajeesh Kodath

Operations Manager

  • Great things are accomplished in a company, are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people. Focusing on the project operations and procedures for its completion by coordinating resources, labour and scheduling of work order to its best and succession of project completion.

Balamurugan Arunachalam

Projects Manager

  • We have achieved tremendous growth and have built eminent benevolence in the community. We have always tried to provide the best services to clients. Our services are always marvelous and appreciable. When we began our business there was very healthy competition in the market but with our diligence we faced it and have built an eminent position in the market. It’s our pleasure that we have always found fruitful results in our work experience.
Balamurugan Arunachalam Oil Tech Oil and Gas Services In UAE
Vinod Kartha Oil Tech Oil and Gas Services In UAE

Vinod Kartha

Finance Manager

  • I am primarily responsible for matters related to strategy and portfolio management, investment and corporate solutions, treasury, external reporting and taxation, management reporting, financial planning and budgeting, financial systems and governance. However, finance is not merely about making money. It's about achieving our deep goals and protecting the fruits of our labor.

Freddy Jacob

Accounts Manager

  • Oversees procurement, contracting, inventory control and logistics functions. We work to ensure the optimal productivity, quality and efficiency of projects and operations. In addition, we consult on all key matters related to corporate affairs and business services.
Freddy Jacob Oil Tech Oil and Gas Services In UAE
Sarath Kumar Oil Tech Oil and Gas Services In UAE

Sarath Kumar

HR / Admin Manager

  • With our commitment and sincerity we have proved our company’s worth and have gained the much deserved recognition and fame. With our services, we have always kept clients’ satisfaction as our priority and have never resorted to any wrong means for any work. Our employees consider it a privilege working in our company where they get all facilities possible. Not only do we provide a learning platform but also offer a growing career curve for them.

Zayd AlAmery

Public Relations Officer

  • Public Relations Officers serve as representatives for Oil Tech. We maintain or strengthen our company’s image. Excellence in organization and the ability to respond quickly with grace under pressure is key.
Zayd AlAmery Oil Tech Oil and Gas Services In UAE

Sangeeth Kumar Oil Tech Oil and Gas Services In UAE

Santosh Kumar Pradhan

Quality Assurance and Quality Control Manager

  • As a Quality Manager, we aim to ensure that our services we provide are fit for purpose, are consistent and meets both external and internal requirements. This includes legal compliance and customer expectations. We committed to provide excellent quality to achieve customer satisfaction & organization goal. Our aim is to be a global leader of corrosion control industries by achieving good faith from our clients.
    We coordinate the activities required to meet these quality standards. Our role is concerned with monitoring and advising on the performance of the quality management system, producing data and reporting on performance, measuring against set standards. Ensuring that the quality management system is functioning properly with reference to international / national code & standards.

Sangeeth Kumar

Planning and Estimation Manager

  • Planning and estimating work schedule, material cost is the major role I play in OIL TECH. Hard work and dedication which helps in maintaining a focus on successful implementation until its completion.
Sangeeth Kumar Oil Tech Oil and Gas Services In UAE
Gopan Pillai Oil Tech Oil and Gas Services In UAE

Gopan Pillai

HSE Manager

  • Our success and growth is based on teamwork and communication. Teamwork and communication balance each other and build on one another. Oil Tech maintains its company objective of “0 incidents”. At Oil Tech, Safety Excellence is interwoven in all our activities via employees working together – efficiently and effectively – to reduce or eliminate incidents.

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